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This site is dedicated to all members of the Skallerud family, wherever they may be.

So in October 2023, I was on a trip to Norway. I rented a car and drove out to where the Skallerud farm was originally located. The research I did was based on the Skallerud family that resided in the Trygstad/Ostfold region, southeast of Oslo and close to the Swedish border. There are other Skallerud farms in Norway and Sweden, with one other being west of this region.

Useful Info
Skallerud is an old Norwegian name. It derives from Skallerød - a farm located outside of Moss.
Skalle: a round hill (literally a skull), but also a bowl.
rød/rud: a (manmade) clearance
So basically someone cleared the top of a hill, and in good Norwegian tradition a descriptive name was given to it.
The change from rød to rud came when the sons moved to Oslo/Christiania and urbanized the name.

Our genealogy tree from this farm

Photos from the farm, October 2023

Zooming in, we can see an old abandoned house

Location of farm